Leaf shape vase



We believe that no pattern should be without some sort of meaning. So here is a beautiful product for you. Leaf Shape Vase, which looks elegant as well as is functional. Shop this beautiful vase and decorate your space. A vase made of high-quality ceramic evokes an air of elegance that can add timeless ambiance to any home. It will enhance the beauty of your room, its elegant color will add more freshness and liveliness to your place. You can use these flower pots for artificial flowers and can be used inside your home.

Product features and benefits:

  1. Quality: imported and high in quality
  2. Material: Ceramic
  3. Size: Height 10 inches. width: 6.5 inches
  4. Usage: Display alone or with fresh or dried flowers; perfect for vase collectors.

Handle with care
Clean it with a microfiber duster
Do not use detergents or OTC products for cleaning it may decolorize the product


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